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 4 Point Harness 
4 Point  Harness-tn Schroth is the brand to have for safety and peace of mind motoring. The Schroth range of 4 point harnesses come with asm! This safety feature is a tradmark of Schroth, and the reason we recommened them so highly as apposed to other brands!
 5pt Camlock FIA Harness Gforce 
5pt Camlock FIA Harness Gforce-tn
 5pt latch & link SFI Harness Gforce   $150.00 inc gst 
5pt latch & link SFI Harness Gforce-tn Gforce Harnesses are the cheapest harness Perfect for Speedway Or Offroad buggys
 Aeroflow Braided hose, fittings and performance products 
We are tasmania's largest stockest of braided hose and fittings stocking a large range of colours and options!
 Afco Shocks & Springs 
Afco Shocks & Springs-tn We stock shocks & springs in a range of size's and rates please give us a call for pricing to suit your application
 Arai GP-5 
Arai GP-5-tn The GP-5 PED represents the result of Arai's pursuit of a comprehensive package, providing comfort and function.
 Arai GP-Jet 
Arai GP-Jet-tn The Arai GP-JET/f is an open face helmet constructed with the Complex Laminate Construction Shell (CLC) and �'Hyper Ridge'' reinforcement for more stiffness.
 Balaclava FIA   $59.00 inc gst 
Balaclava FIA-tn Our FIA Balaclava is made from flame retardent fabric. FIA 8856-2000 Approved. Single port or two port, White in colour. Comfortable, non itchy fabric
 Dominator race suits 
Dominator race suits-tn We now stock a range of dominator Race suits single layer and double layer both with nascar cuffs and also available in shine nomex
 Engine oils 
Engine oils-tn
 FIA Gloves   from $88.00 inc gst 
FIA Gloves-tn FIA Gloves Nomex FIA Race Gloves. Available in Black, Red and Blue. Nomex Inner. FIA ISO 6940 Approved. Suade and leather grip, designed for optimised feel and control.
 FIA Socks   $49.00 inc gst 
FIA Socks-tn IAA/722 Socks Fabric: Nomex® Sizes: S/XXL Complying with FIA 8856-2000 Colours: IAA/722 - White
 G Force Helmets 
G Force Helmets-tn Gforce have a great range of Helmets perfect for speedway and drags, Most helmets that are ordered in are SNELL SA but SNELL M is also available. The leader of the Gforce range is this Pro ELiminator X complete with flame graphics, Available in white or black.
 GMP FIA Racing Boots   $220.00 inc gst 
GMP FIA Racing Boots-tn Hi Top Nomex FIA Race Boots
 GMP Iso FIA Underwear   $220.00 inc gst 
GMP Iso FIA Underwear-tn GMP Iso FIA Underwear GMP Underwear set including long sleeve shirt and pants. FIA 2000 Approved.
 Hans Device 
Hans Device-tn The HANS (Head And Neck Support) is the revolutionary safety device chosen by racers world-wide for unparalleled neck protection in the event of an incident. The HANS device is the only device approved for use in F1, V8 Supercars, A1GP, NASCAR, WTCC, FIA, GT, Formula BMW, and many other national and regional motorsport bodies and series. This is the full Carbon Fibre Professional model, with patented slip stop belt retention system on the yoke, suitable for use with all FIA Approved 3 Inch harnesses.
 OMP TRS seat   $499.00 inc gst 
OMP TRS seat-tn HA/741 TRS Racing seats. ⢠Tubular steel frame. ⢠Large shoulder harness slots to accommodate various heights. ⢠Medium height side bolsters for lateral leg support for higher protection. ⢠Removable leg rests to allow maximum individual seating comfort. ⢠Compatible with the HANS® safety device. ⢠Side fixing points type W and bottom fixing points type Y. Upholstered entirely in velour. HANS compatible. FIA 8855/1999 homologated.
 OMP WRC seat   $1,134.00 inc gst 
OMP WRC seat-tn HA/773 WRC Professional Racing seat. ⢠Gel-coated fiberglas shell. ⢠Large shoulder harness slots to accommodate various heights. ⢠High side bolsters for lateral leg support for higher protection. ⢠Removable back â base - and leg cushion for maximum individual seating comfort. ⢠Compatible with the HANS® safety device. ⢠Side fixing points type W. Upholstered entirely in new high breathability AIRTEX® material. HANS compatible. FIA 8855/1999 homologated.
 R Jays Helmets 
R Jays  Helmets-tn R jays is now our new range of base model Speedway helmets, also great for karting and other forms of motorsport
 Rally Notes Pty Ltd 
Rally Notes Pty Ltd provides course notes for the following events: Targa Tasmania Rally Tasmania Classic Adelaide Rally Mt Buller Sprint Rallye Burnie Lake Mountain Suncoast Rally 2007 To make things faster for our customers, we have gone to the expense of having our solicitors combine the separate agreements from each event into one. This will make things faster for those who compete in more than one event each year.
 Single Layer SFI   from $200.00 inc gst 
Single Layer SFI-tn
 Tas Performance Warehouse 
Tas Performance Warhouse for all your motor racing needs and accessories, stockist for all the popular and trusted brands.  Moonah
 Three Layer OMP Technica Light Racing Suit   $2,150.00 inc gst 
Three Layer OMP Technica Light Racing Suit-tn Professional 3 layer ultra-light suit, with external layer made of the shiny fabric; middle layer of ultra-light padding; inner layer of soft knit fabric.
 Three Layer OMP Technica Plus Racing Suit   $1,599.00 inc gst 
Three Layer OMP Technica Plus Racing Suit-tn New 3 layer suit, with external layer made of the new sateen fabric with contrasting inserts made of shiny Nomex®.
 Three Layer Sabelt Creation   Special price $689.00 inc gst 
Three Layer Sabelt Creation-tn Cheapest Three Layer Suit FIA
 Two Layer GMP Indy 2000   $665.00 inc gst 
Two Layer GMP Indy 2000-tn Base Model Two Layer Suit
 Two Layer OMP First Suit   $799.00 inc gst 
Two Layer OMP First Suit-tn OMP First Suit New 2 layer suit with excellent price/quality ratio. FIA2000 Approved.
 Two Layer OMP Pilota Plus   $899.00 inc gst 
Two Layer OMP Pilota Plus-tn OMP Pilota Plus Pilota Plus, 2 layers, omolagation FIA 8856-2000
 Velo Apex Std & XL   from $1,195.00 inc gst 
Velo Apex Std & XL-tn This is the ultimate in competition seating and is designed for dedicated racing applications. The fibreglass shell features ultra deep sides, close fitting lateral head support and has the rigidity required to satisfy the most demanding driver. This seat is FIA homologated and our integral lateral head support is compatible with the HANS device. The seat also features removable back, base and front cushions and is slightly heavier than its Carbon fibre twin. Also available untrimmed