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Balloons-tn These wonderfull balloon mobiles run on one AA battery, good for any age, pack well - $35.00 each
Carousels-tn Hand operated Carousels priced from $15.00 to $18.00
 Childrens Teasets 
Childrens Teasets-tn Ceramic teaset with Lady Bug decoration, consisting of cups saucers, plates, teapot,spoon, napkins in a lovely carry case gingham design,$32.00 - Blue enamel teaset with mugs, plates, cutlery, napkins and tablecloth in a lovely cane picnic basket, $48.00. Tin Teasets Pink/Green floral design and Blue with Sail boat design, these teasets come complete with serving tray, perfectly made and packed in their own suitcases. $48.00
 Cruising yacht (circa1930)  $39.00
Cruising yacht (circa1930)-tn Length 33cm height 37cm beam 8cm. Price $39 Gaff rigged boats of this type were used to cruise the wonderful waterways of Tasmania Available in two other sizes
 Doll Houses 
 Dolls House 
Solid open dolls house, painted red, window shutters on the sides and back all open and close,comes with all furniture and dolls -$280.00-complete
 Dolls House Furniture 
Dolls House Furniture-tn Dining Room Setting in dark wood 7 pieces, drawers open on all dolls house furniture
 Dolls House Furniture 
Dolls House Furniture-tn 8 Piece Kitchen Setting,in dark wood -table extends
Educational-tn Bead Frames, children have fun as bead frames challenge and develop visual tracking skills, eye/hand co-ordination, plus shape and colour recognition. Photo 3 Stacking blocks helps hand eye co-ordination, blocks come in -Pooh Bear, The Wiggles, Paddington Bear, Miffy, Maisie, Count & Learn, Golden Book, Sesame Street etc.
 Educational Toys 
Educational Toys-tn Box contains 2 Bears with 22 pieces of clothing and hats lovely toy - Photo 2 - Sandra's Wardrobe -Pink wardrobe 1 flexible doll and clothes - Photo 3 - Magnetc girl -wooden magnetic pieces of clothing, hair & assecories -hours of fun
Fragrance-tn We offer a number of fragrances at competitive pricing.
 Gift Boxes- $8.50 to $29.00 
Gift Boxes- $8.50 to $29.00-tn Lovely different shaped satin boxes (ballerina, fairy,etc motifs) embroided in jewelled coloured cotton or sequins on front. Boxes also come in the shape of cake slices and cup cakes.
Phoebe brown doll in navy check dress with pintucks & lace,hand braided hair, 2 sizes -28cm $35 45cm $55 Isabella- brown doll in red/white pin dot dress, large bow in curly hair 2 sizes -28cm $35. 45cm $55.
 Handcrafted Dolls 
Handcrafted Dolls-tn Lovely handcrafted dolls can be undressed; Judy -doll in strawberry pinafore with red/white pin dot dress. 2 sizes 28cm -$39. 45cm - $58. Charlotte - doll in redstripes & delicate flower print dress with white apron. 3 sizes 28cm -$39. Medium 45cm $58 Large 55cm $75.
 Health Managment 
Health Managment-tn We offer many types of health management products so that you can manage your health easily.
 Kate Finn Dolls 
Kate Finn Dolls-tn
 Kids Class   Tuesday - Thursday 
Kids Class-tn Strictly ballroom offers many classes for children of all ages and levels of experience. Specifically tailored lessons for children 5-16 years, in a group environment, with kids of a similar age. Now your child can learn in a fun, stress free yet structured environment.
 Man on Bulldozer/ Old Rolls Royce 
Man on Bulldozer/ Old Rolls Royce-tn Windup clockwork dozer 18cm long - $29.00 Rolls Royce - $19.00
 Mobile  $39.00
 Mobiles  $39.00
 Mobiles  $39.00
 Mother Goose Baby Shop 
Mother Goose Baby Shop is a locally owned business with stores conveniently located in Kingston and Moonah. Both stores offer a great range of quality baby goods to suit every preference and every budget. Mother Goose also offer a convenient hire service, both short and long-term.
 Music Box 
Music Box-tn These three magnetic music boxes, lady bug, fish and frogs dance around on top of the box while the music plays $28.00 each.
 Music Boxes 
Music Boxes-tn More of the magnetic music boxes - cows, giraffes, and monkeys - all $28.00 each
 Music Boxes 
Music Boxes-tn Photo 1 -Music Box in centre of photo has figure which revolves while music plays - $30.00 Phot 2 - Music Box in centre has revolving Ballerina, who turns to the music. --$29.95
 Pond yachts. 
 Puppets  $22.00
Puppets-tn 5 Colourful 4 string marionette puppets, consisting King,Clown, Princess, Soldier and Witch
 Racing yacht (circa 1940) 
Racing yacht  (circa 1940)-tn Length height beam This gaff rigged boat has a jib staysail flying jib topsail and mainsail
Robots-tn Robots range in price from $12.00 to $42.00
Robots-tn Robots range in size and our priced from $12.00 to $42.00
 Rubbersoft Fall 
Rubber Softfall - Playground Installers Of Tasmania, as well as Court Pave,(an acrylic Tennis/ Basketball court surface), Rubber surfaces. We have a number of Golf products from Driving Range mats, Practice mats, to Path's around golf courses.
 Safari Truck  $29.00
Safari Truck-tn Post shape truck-
 Small dinghys 
 Soft Toys 
Soft Toys-tn
 Stacking Blocks 
Stacking Blocks-tn Pooh, Paddinton. Sesame St., Wiggles Maisie, Miffy and other stacking blocks are an excellant teaching aid for numbers, colour, and alphabet, plus balancing skills.
 Tall ships  $24.00
Size length 24cm height 24cm beam 5.5 Ships available Enterprize .Built in the Huon valley south of Hobart traded throughout the Colonies One of the main ships used in the first settlement of Melbourne. Endeavour. The ship used by Capt.Cooke when he recorded part of the east coast of Australia. Bounty.Remembered because of the mutiny but was very important in early exploration Lady Nelson. One of the most important ships in the development of the Colonies transported the first settlers to Hobart and then later to Melbourne Sirius. One of the first fleet which brought the first settlers to australia Alma Doepel.Traded throughout the Colonies finished her working life carrying explosives from Melbourne to Hobart. Victory. Admiral Nelsons famous flagship. Mayflower.The ship that took the Pilgram Fathers from England to America
 Tall ships  $12.00
Length17cm height16cm beam5cm
 Tassie Kids  $75.00
Hand made dolls created by one of Tasmania's gifted artists. Each doll is unique because no design is ever repeated. The dolls only come in a smaller size at the present
 Tin Spinning Tops 
Spinning Top Choral -23cm, - Large hi-low tone musical toy, German classic all metal pressing with balancing foot for easy operation. Bright diamond pattern which merges into stripes when spinning. $44.00'next 2 tops are 19cm one with victorian toy decoration, other smaller version of large German top. $28.00 Small top metal pressing $18.00
 Tin Toys 
Tin Toys-tn Pop-Pop Boat -steam candle power 10cm long will operate in a basin bath or pond - $14.00 Green Tin Aeroplane - $19.00 Harbour Bridge- Ferries run around under the bridges. Toy has off-on switch - $28.00
 Topsy Turvy Dolls 
Topsy Turvy Dolls-tn
 Topsy Turvy Dolls  $45.00
Topsy Turvy Dolls-tn Big Bad Wolf & three little pigs, Mother pig with 3 little pigs flips to big bad wolf
 Topsy Turvy Dolls 
Topsy Turvy Dolls-tn Goldie Locks and the 3 Bears
 Topsy Turvy Dolls 
Topsy Turvy Dolls-tn Ballerinas
 Topsy Turvy Dolls 
Topsy Turvy Dolls-tn Red Riding Hood, Grandma, and the Wolf
 Toys To Enjoy 
This multi award winning shop was created in August 2000, and is owned and operated by a Tasmanian family. It is located in Salamanca Place in one of the historic warehouses that has been converted into the charming Galleria Arcade. Toys to Enjoy developed from a perceived need that an old fashioned style toy shop was needed in Hobart. Toys are initially sourced locally or nationally and then where necessary worldwide. Because of Tasmania's seafaring tradition we specialize in a wide range of nautical items as well as an extensive variety of items which range from the challenging to the whimsical.  Hobart
 Trading vessels (circa 1850)  $90.00
Trading vessels (circa 1850)-tn Vessels of this type were used for trading between the isolated settlements in colonial times, became known localy as barges, they could be seen as late as 1950 laden to the scuppers coming up from the Huon Length61cm height55cm beam10cm. Price $90.
 Variety of Soft Toys 
Variety of Soft Toys-tn
 Viariety of Soft Toys 
Viariety of Soft Toys-tn
 Wooden rowing dinghys. 
Wooden rowing dinghys.-tn Wooden clinker built rowing dinghy (MS) with a varnished finish.Length22cm height5cm beam8.5cm. Price $20. Wooden clinker built rowing dinghy (ML+).Length39cm height9cm beam19cm.Price $48. Wooden clinker built rowing dinghy (MSW).Length22cm height5cm beam8.5cm Price 420
 Wooden sailing dinghys 
Wooden sailing dinghys-tn Wooden rowing dinghy similar to the traditional Tasmanian dinghy which had more beam than the English ones, they were used extensively for pleasure and as work boats. Many clinker built dinghys still exist in Tasmania but are gradually being replaced by fibreglass ones .This boat is approx 1/10 scale of the original 12 foot.Price $43. Length38cm beam 19cm height9cm Code WL
 Wooden Toys 
 Wooden Toys 
These solid small wooden cars come in Dump Truck, Tow Truck, Cement Truck, and Dozer very reasonably priced at $16.00 each.
 Wooden Toys  $35.00
Wooden Toys-tn