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 1 Dozen Red Roses 
1 Dozen Red Roses-tn
 a mauve bride 
a mauve bride-tn Mauve freesias, misty blue, & mauve lily of the valley, with elegant white oriental lilies.
 A Mothers day special  $50.00
A Mothers day special-tn Special for mothers day. available in other colours. Upgrade $70 Chocolates $10
 Ablaze Candles  $4.50
Ablaze Candles-tn Colourful and unique these candles are a great addition to any room.
 All Things Pink  $11.95
All Things Pink-tn Pure Vegetable soaps.
 Baby Basket 
Baby Basket-tn ©Interflora Australia
 Baby Girl Basket With Novelties   $65 
Baby Girl Basket With Novelties-tn
 Be Happy  $60.00
Be Happy-tn Make someone smile with this bright arrangement in ceramic container.
 beautiful bride 
beautiful bride-tn delicate pink roses, white singapore orchids, white freesias & white spray carnations. Bouquet backed with leather fern. Suitable for formal or casual wedding
 Black beauty 
Black beauty-tn Posy of black baccara roses with black tropical leaves backing bouquet. Exposed stems - a creative modern bouquet.
 Bold & Exotic   $65.00 - $80 
Bold & Exotic-tn standing tall & proud, this bright box arrangement features exotic flowers & foliage
 Bouquet  $30.00
 bouquet featuring purple lisianthus 
bouquet featuring purple lisianthus-tn White oriental lillies, white roses & featuring purple lisianthus. This bouquet will create a lasting impression.
 Bouquet In Glass Vase   $55 
Bouquet In Glass Vase-tn
 Bridal Posy 
Bridal Posy-tn white poeny roses, white roses & freesias. Backed with leather fern. Special - delicate - dainty.
 Bright Bunch  $30.00
Suitable for any occasion. A bright bunch is always appreciated.
 bright romantic & lovely   $50.00 - $65 
bright romantic & lovely-tn . Why not add a box of chocolates to really make a hit.
 bright stunning box  $50.00
bright stunning box-tn make a splash with style & colour. Combining trendy orange & purple would please & make her day.
 bush beauty 
bush beauty-tn Native wedding bouquet
 Candles in the Village 
Candles in the village only sell lead and zinc free candles. Once you have purchased from the extensive range there will be no turning back. The quality and fragrances become addictive. The personal service is pretty good too!!  Evandale
 centrepiece for bridal table  $35.00
centrepiece for bridal table-tn beautiful centrepiece for wedding or formal function. Can be made in colours to suit your event.
 cherish   by request. 
cherish-tn The soft pretty collection of pink lissies, white lilies & white singapore orchids
 Cherished moment  $65.00
Cherished moment-tn roses, gerberas & lilies surrounded by tropical folliages
 Christmas Hamper 
Christmas Hamper-tn ©Interflora Australia
 Christmas Hamper 
Christmas Hamper-tn ©Interflora Australia
Classic-tn white roses, white singapore orchids & a hint of pink lilies.
Classic-tn Roses & lisianthus. Exposed stems. For the modern bride
 classic trail 
classic trail-tn White oriental lillies with white freesias & singapore orchids trailing
 Cool bride 
Cool bride-tn White lisianthus, white spray carnations & lilies. A beautiful combination posy style. Exposed stems with white ribbon wrap.
 Delicate Box Arrangement  $60.00
Delicate Box Arrangement-tn
 delicate box arrangement  $60.00
delicate box arrangement-tn Delicate box arrangement
 delicate rose bouquet 
delicate rose bouquet-tn cream roses with miniature agapanthus & gypsophlia. Delicate posy available in summer.
 double ended funeral spray  $90.00
double ended  funeral spray-tn large funeral arrangement.
 Elegant Bride 
Elegant Bride-tn Featuring cream roses, this bouquet is classic & elegant.
 eyeful tower  $100.00
eyeful tower-tn what an arrangement - everyone is happy because it has all the favourites, gerberas, roses, orchids, lillies & liatris. Set in a ceramic vase.
 Favourite Flowers  $24.00
Favourite Flowers-tn Pure vegetable soap bars. Beautiful and Refreshing scents.
 Favourite Flowers Lavender Products 
Favourite Flowers Lavender Products-tn Foam Bath, Hand & Body Lotion, Bath Gel, Bath Dew, Lavender Flowers
 Favourite Flowers Rose Products 
Favourite Flowers Rose Products-tn Rose Scented Foam Bath, Hand and Bosy Lotion, Body Mist, Bath Dew, Body Gel
 Fruit & Flower Basket 
Fruit & Flower Basket-tn Popular family gift . Fruit & flowers is ideal for everyone.
 Fruit Basket 
Fruit Basket-tn ©Interflora Australia
 funeral basket  $100.00
funeral basket-tn Roses feature in this creative funeral arrangement.
 Funeral Spray  $80.00
Funeral Spray-tn
 golden glow  $50.00
golden glow-tn bright & cheerful featuring yellow lillies & set in a ceramic container
 Gourmet Hamper 
Gourmet Hamper-tn ©Interflora Australia
 green orchid basket  $50.00
green singapore orchids, & green cymbidium orchids combination. Exotic & long lasting. A gift that will be remembered.
 Hamper Basket 
Hamper Basket-tn ©Interflora Australia
 happy times  $35.00
happy times-tn small box arrangement, assorted flowers & finished with a butterfly
 Harlequin  $70.00
Harlequin-tn Bright mixed box arrangement ©Interflora Australia
 Head to Toe Complete Body Care 
Head to Toe Complete Body Care-tn Head to Toe Complete body care kit comes with a nourishing hair and body bar, and Refreshing Facial Scub Bar and a foot scrub bar that will leave your hands and feet feeling soft and refreshed.
 Heart Shaped Glass Orniment  $5.00
Heart Shaped Glass Orniment-tn A Stunning hand painted glass orniment that can be used for collectables, potpurri etc.
 Hot Hot Pink  $65.00
Hot Hot Pink-tn The theme is hot pink. Love it.
Hottie-tn Hot pink roses with white singapore orchids.
 Hottie (posy) 
Hottie (posy)-tn A posy style of hot pink roses & white singapore orchids
 incredible  $75.00
incredible-tn all white arrangement - featuring white singapore orchids & oriental lillies. Arrangement is in a white ceramic container. Arrangement backed with tropical foliage.
 Interflora 832 
Interflora 832-tn
 Interflora 833 
Interflora 833-tn
 Julie's favourite  $80.00
Julie's favourite-tn tall & elegant designer arrangement, liatris, orchids, roses & featuring purple lisianthus
 Just Roses 
Just Roses-tn Bathing Salts, Velvet Lotion, Foaming Bath and Soaps. Also Available in Lavender
 Large Box Arrangement  $60.00
large box arrangement including oriental lillies & gerberas
 Large Bright Coloured Box Arrangement  $55.00
Large Bright Coloured Box Arrangement-tn Suitable for any occasion this bright coloured box arrangement would be sure to please.
 Large Ceramic Arrangement  $100.00
Large Ceramic Arrangement-tn Modern arrangement for someone who appreciates style & elegance. Set in a tall ceramic vase.
 large church arrangement  $120.00
large church arrangement-tn Large arrangement for church/cathedral white oriental lillies, backed with gymea leaves & draping foliage for stunning arrangement.
 large colourful native arrangement  $80.00
An assortment of seasonal native flowers, To give a stricking effect.
 Lillies & freesias 
Lillies & freesias-tn Posy style bouquet containing white oriental lillies & white freesias mixed throughout. Posy backed with leather fern & camelia leaves. Available most of the year.
 Lillies & Roses 
Lillies & Roses-tn Posy design of oriental lillies with a feature of red roses. Loops of tropical leaves finish the bouquet.
 Lovable Bear & Arrangement  $70.00
Lovable Bear & Arrangement-tn
 Luzette Florist 
Luzette florist is Devonport's longest established florist, with over 30 years experience, we are forever updating skills & techniques to bring you, the customer, the ultimate in flower designs. We create stylish flower arrangements that emphasises the natural elegance of the flowers, be it a single bloom in a unique vase, an elaborate wedding display or the quiet statement of beautiful sympathy flowers & funeral flowers. We are passionate about flower arrangements & totally committed to offering the best in floristry. Using only flowers of the highest quality, we wish to maintain a unique look & feel to our arrangements.  Devonport
 Medium Box  $50.00
Medium Box-tn Autumn toned arrangement
 Mixed Basket  $50.00
Mixed Basket-tn Medium basket of mixed flowers.
 modern bamboo  $50.00
modern bamboo-tn make a statement with this modern arrangement. Tropical leaves bamboo, lillies, gerberas & orchids
 Modern Bamboo Arrangement  $45.00
Modern Bamboo Arrangement-tn
 Moon & Sun Candle Holder  $6.00
Moon & Sun Candle Holder-tn Trible moon and sun candle holder.
 Mum, you're the best  $100.00
Mum, you're the best-tn Lots of lilies, roses gerberas & tropical foliages in ceramic container. Wow. Your choice of colour theme.
 native wreath  $50.00
native wreath-tn selection of native flowers especially suitable for a male funeral
 Natural Incense Sticks  $0.70
Natural Incense Sticks-tn Each Incense stick is meticulously prepared from natural Oils and perfumes gently extracted from flora and herb. They are then hand rolled with love patience and dignity. The atmosphere provides the peace and purity you require for daily harmony.
 Natures bounty  $100.00
Natures bounty-tn King Proteas feature in this remarkable native arrangement
 Peach coloured roses. 
Peach coloured roses.-tn Peach coloured roses, white lisianthus white spray carnations & white roses. so unusual, soft & elegant.
 perfectly pink bouquet  $40.00
perfectly pink bouquet-tn pretty feminine bouquet consisting of lillies carnations, gerberas & roses, finished with foliage & gift wrapped
 pink pot arrangemebt  $55.00
pink pot arrangemebt-tn beautiful pink pot arrangement, featuring lillies gerberas chrysanthums & carnations. Make her day extra special.
 posy of lisianthus & lillies 
posy of lisianthus & lillies-tn purple lisianthus, white oriental lillies & purple misty form a stunning posy. Suitable for bridesmaid or bride.
 Pot Arrangement  $50.00
Pot Arrangement-tn
 Pretty In Pink   $35.00 - $40 
Pretty In Pink-tn
 pretty please  $60.00
pretty please-tn seasonal flowers to make her special day important.
 Pure Concentrate Tasmanian Fragrant Oil  $4.95
Pure Concentrate Tasmanian Fragrant Oil-tn Pure Concentrated Fragrant Oil. The art of perfumery involves the blending of essential oils, extracts, many natural and nature identical products. Many fragrances and flower oils can be created that would otherwise be unattainable or very highly priced. Our perfumers have utalised these products in the creation of many exquisite true-to-type fragrance concentrates. They contain fixatives to ensure a long lasting powerful odour impact. Use fragrant oils for sachets, powders, pomanders, draw liners, coat hangers, pot pourri etc. Our fragrant oils are packed in 20ml amber bottles & comes with dripolater insert. All Fragrances available in following sizes. 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1lt, 5lt & 20lt. Larger sizes are available on request.
 Purple & white bouquet 
Purple & white bouquet-tn Purple lisianthus, white roses & white singapore orchids. A beautiful combination. The bride will remember this bouquet forever.
 purple bouquet 
purple bouquet-tn Posy style bouquet containing purple freesias, purple carnations & featuring purple lisianthis. Bouquet made on oasis bridal holder & backed with leather fern & camelia leaves. Suitable for bridesmaid or bride.
 red bouquet  $50.00
red bouquet-tn
 Rich native 
A native arrangement of proteas blushing bride, leucadendrons & several other native varieties.
 Rivers Run 
Rivers Run-tn Soap set, Bath & Shower Gel, Massage Cream, Shampoo & Conditioner, Spa & Bath Salt Soak
 Romantic red roses & chocolate box  $58.00
Romantic red roses & chocolate box-tn Red roses & chocolates in arrangement
 Rose and Lavender Soaps  $9.95
Rose and Lavender Soaps-tn Natural Vegetable soap delicately scented with Lavender or Rose Essential Oil. This fine lathering bar will gently cleanse and nourish your skin.
 rose cluster posy 
rose cluster posy-tn delicate roses in cluster style bouquet. Any bride would be proud to hold.
 Seaside Three Wick Candle  $8.00
Seaside Three Wick Candle-tn A beautiful and unique three wick candle. With real sea shells.
 simply irrisistable  $35.00
simply irrisistable-tn bright seasonal bouquet,
 small box  $35.00
small box-tn what a beauty, small but pretty & value for money
 Small Mini Boxes  $35.00
Small Mini Boxes-tn Boxed arrangement containing everyones favourites
 Soap Sampler  $14.95
Soap Sampler-tn Pure and natural vegetable bars.
 Soap Sets  $12.95
Soap Sets-tn These soap sets come in Lavender and Rose.
 Splash of colour 
Splash of colour-tn white oriental lillies, with a feature of red spider orchids trailing bouquet. White roses centred. & drops of flax creates an extra interest.
 Spring Wreath 
Spring Wreath-tn
 Striped Candle  $7.00
Striped Candle-tn These clolourful candles are a great addition to any home or function.
 stunner  $70.00
stunner-tn hot tropical flowers in ceramic container
 stunning basket  $75.00
stunning basket-tn who wouldn't be impressed with this stunning creative basket of bright & cheerful flowers
 stylish & grand  $100.00
stylish & grand-tn tropical foliage is a feature in this grand style arrangement. gerberas lillies & orchids
 Summer bride 
Summer bride-tn White lilies set amongst white roses. Posy style
 Summer Bride with colour 
Summer Bride with colour-tn A background of opened white oriental lillies, Singapore orchids mixed throughout & featuring red roses.
 Sweet & Petite Mini Box   $35.00 - $40 
Sweet & Petite Mini Box-tn
 sweet & simple  $35.00
sweet & simple-tn
 sweet thoughts  $65.00
sweet thoughts-tn Pretty pink basket of flowers, featuring a pink teddy bear.
 table centrepiece (small)  $25.00
table centrepiece  (small)-tn delicate flowers suitable for wedding reception. can be made in your colour theme.
 Tasmanian Lavender  $11.95
Tasmanian Lavender-tn Natural vegetable soaps scented with Tasmanian Lavender essential oil. 3 x 80g
 Tasmanian Lavender Soaps  $12.95
Tasmanian Lavender Soaps-tn Made with Lavender from the Lavender fields of Tasmania. Pure and Natural vegetable soap. 3 x 75g
 The Corporate Box 
We are located in Hobart, Tasmania and provide a variety of boxed and/or bagged gifts for conventions & conference groups, corporates, executives, VIPís, guest speakers and presentations. The contents of all gifts have been carefully selected and designed to promote some of the best products Tasmania has to offer. All gifts contain products that have been produced from within the Tasmanian clean, green environment and are available all year round.  Hobart
 The Diamond  $65.00
The Diamond-tn Bright happy & wow.
 The Florist Tree 
We can arrange delivery to almost ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD but in Perth Western Australia we personally create bespoke bouquets and arrangements for delivery throughout the metropolitan area. Cheryl Banton was educated at Flowers Design School in Western Australia under the tuition of German Master Florist Eva Maria Herb and her inspirational team. Her passion is European Design and she travels extensively so as to keep abreast with new trends and emerging techniques. MEMBER OF INTERFLORA Delivering fresh, value for money, high quality flowers worldwide.  New Norfolk
 The Hottie  $60.00
The Hottie-tn Every girls dream. A cheerie arrangement oozing with fun
 Thinking of you  $60.00
Thinking of you-tn A thoughtful gift of lilies, gerberas freesias & chrissies, teamed with tropical foliage.
 tickled pink  $50.00
tickled pink-tn suitable for any occasion, roses gerberas lillies are the key flowers in this stunning arrangement
 Traditional bride 
Traditional bride-tn White carnations, featuring blue delphinium mixed throughout & backed with leather fern & camelia leaves.
 trail bouquet 
trail bouquet-tn trail style bouquet of white oriental lillies with a feature of orange asiatic lillies. Green singapore orchids mixed throughout & trailing. Dodder vine lightly entwined & bouquet finished with happy leaves.
 trail of oriental lillies & singapore orchids 
trail of oriental lillies & singapore orchids-tn bridal bouquet containing white oriental lillies, surrounded by white singapore orchids & bouquet lightly entwined with dodder vine. Bouquet is finished with drops & loops of happy leaves. Suitable for formal wedding
 Tres chic  $100.00
Tres chic-tn Tropical flowers highlights this large arrangement
 Tropical Bride 
Tropical Bride-tn Tropical flowers - Green antheriums, green singapore orchids, white oriental lillies & surrounded by green tropical leaves.
 valentines bouquet  $50.00
Let love blossom with this romantic bouquet on the special day
 warm thoughts  $55.00
warm thoughts-tn Soft & gentle arrangement
 Wattle Creek Soaps  $11.95
Wattle Creek Soaps-tn A luxurious creamy soap naturally made with NO caustics, animal products or preservatives.
 Wedding Bouquet 
Wedding Bouquet-tn let us help you celebrate the most important day of your life. whatever the size of your wedding, we offer exceptional service taylor made for you. We will work within your budget. We look forward to meeting you. Schedule your appointment for a consultation today.
 whispers of winter  $80.00
whispers of winter-tn
 White & Green family wreath 
White & Green family wreath-tn Classic green & white assortment of flowers
 white as snow bouquet 
white as snow bouquet-tn Gorgeous white posy of lisianthis, & singapore orchids, backed with assortment of ferns. Absolutely for the all white bride.
 White bride 
White bride-tn A ball of white roses, & lisianthis. Modern
 white lily bouquet 
white lily bouquet-tn posy style, white oriental lily bouquet,backed with tropical leaves. suitable for bride -classic & elegant
 white lily bouquet 
white lily bouquet-tn
 white lisianthis/purple singapore orchids 
white lisianthis/purple singapore orchids-tn teardrop style bouquet of white lisianthis, with purple singapore orchids mixed throughout. Bouquet backed with leather fern & camelia leaves. Great for a bride.
 wild & romantic  $100.00
wild & romantic-tn large assortment of natural flowers, & various foliages
 Wild Australian & Natural  $80.00
Wild Australian & Natural-tn A rustic Hearty arrangement with firm Australian roots
 Wine And Flowers 
Wine And Flowers-tn ©Interflora Australia
 winter's dream  $90.00
Beautiful arrangement in bright colours
 Wreath  $40.00
 Zants bouquet 
Zants bouquet-tn one dozen zants backed with assorted foliages