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 Elevated Work Platforms 
High Voltage EWP trucks are electrically tested to AS 1418.10-2004 relevant standards.  Burnie
 EWP Washing 
We provide cleaning crews for EWP'S on a regular basis.  Burnie
 Fibreglass sticks 
Comes in various size lengths & fittings to suit.  Burnie
 GreenWe Lighting Inc 
With 10 years in the lighting Industry, we specialize in innovative lighting and long life lamps. We have been representing the globally renowned Toshiba Lighting Techonologies Japan in Australia and New Zealand. We now have become the first Australian company in the lighting industry to introduce MINIPOWER 12V 9W, the world's only direct, inexpensive, reliable energy saving replacement for the electricity hungry MR16 12V 20W,35W & 50W Halogen lamps used in down lights in homes and commercial premises.  Ringwood
 Hard Covers 
Hard Covers-tn Hard covers are lightweight & built for long spans on live line when weight is a consideration. Rated to 30,000v – 40,000volts.  Burnie
 High Voltage Gloves 
High Voltage Gloves-tn Live Line gloves are made from the highest quality rubber. Two colour construction aids in detection of cuts, abrasions & other damage. Available lengths from 14 to 18 inch. Voltage range of 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 & 40,000 volts. Sizes range from 8 to 12. Leather protector gloves should always be worn over rubber insulated gloves to provide the needed mechanical protection against cuts, abrasions & punctures. Full range & sizes available.  Burnie
Hivotech Innovation & Design is a Tasmanian Burnie based company with an extensive range of electrical knowledge. Hivotech was established to focus on the High voltage testing, equipment maintenance, manufacture and supply. We supply & manufacture a widespread variety of equipment & provide professional friendly service. “If you want it, we can get it”  Burnie
 Insulating Blankets 
Insulating Blankets-tn Hivotech supply a wide range of insulating blankets from mats for switchboards & main switching to live line blankets for live line work on live conductors. Switchboard matting is placed permanently in front of switchgear, motor control centers and other high voltage areas to provide personal protection for workers.  Burnie
 Insulating Line Hoses 
Line hoses are designed to cover live line conductors at pole top for insulation up to 40,000volts. Couplers to suit are available for line hoses to be joined.  Burnie
 Low Voltage Gloves 
Low Voltage Gloves-tn Supply & testing of low voltage gloves is a major part of our business. Low voltage gloves range from 500 – 1000v, sizes from 8 – 12 with special sizes made to order. Inner & outer protectors are also available.
Available in ranges from 240v through to 500,000volts.  Burnie
 P Brumby & Associates 
The Company Specialises in the Supply and Installation of Industrial Automation and Electronic Security Products. While we are the Toshiba PLC Distributor for Tasmania, we also have software and capability to Service approx. 40 Different Brands of Industrial PLC equipment.
 Pole Covers 
Pole covers are installed before setting new poles to guard again accidental contact with live lines. Rated to 40,000v – 50,000volts.  Burnie
Sleeves-tn Rubber insulating sleeves extend coverage of the arm from the cuff of rubber insulating gloves to the shoulder. Fully protecting these areas from accidental contact with live conductors & equipment. Sleeves are available from 1,000 to 40,000 volts, in straight, curved & extra curved. Lengths range from 22” to 30”. Harness & button are needed to suit different brands of sleeves available.  Burnie
 Tas Electrical and Engineering Supplies. 
Tas Electrical & Engineering Supplies was started in May 1995 to supply industry a quality range of products, along with knowledgeable support to back our products. The company is proud to be........ "Tasmanian Owned and Operated"  Moonah
All equipment tested to manufacturers specifications with regard to test dates to comply with "Safety" instructions.