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 Airflo Vacuum Cleaner Bags - AF274  $9.90
Airflo Vacuum Cleaner Bags - AF274-tn To Fit Hoover Models - Early Freedom S4002, S4006, S4008, S4036, S4070, S4072, S4078, S4080, S4082, S4090, S4190 Crusader Series.
 Airflo Vacuum Cleaner Bags - AF473  $8.50
Airflo Vacuum Cleaner Bags - AF473-tn To fit • Samsung models - 1400, 1500 series • Black and Decker Housekeeper - 1/2/3
 Airflo Vacuum Cleaner Bags - AF650  $10.90
Airflo Vacuum Cleaner Bags - AF650-tn To fit Carlton Models • Calypso CV1015 - CV1050 • Opel Royal 1030 • Rotel U65.5, U65.7 • Zelma 1010 • Airflo Meteor 1020
 Airmax ZAM6103 
Airmax ZAM6103-tn Electrolux introduces the new Airmax vacuum cleaner which features a revolutionary new air basket designed to hold the dustbag in place and make emptying an easier and more hygienic task. Airmax provides outstanding ease of use, cleaning performance and value in a hard working stylish vacuum.  Launceston
 Combi 1207 / 1407 
Combi 1207 / 1407-tn Powerful twin motor, dual-line roller brush, disposable paper filter bags, motor protection and exhaust air filter, bag filter indicator, handy extension hose for accessory use.
 Deluxe Direct Chemicals 
Deluxe Direct Chemicals is an online chemical supplier. High quality chemicals at budget conscience pricing. We are able to achieve this by having no expensive sales item. No Accounts receivable department. And you purchase your own dispensing equipment where necessary, or take up our rental option.  Geelong West
 Electrolux - Z950 
Electrolux - Z950-tn Z950 commercial Dry Vacuum 1400 Watt Motor with Thremal Overload Protection, Low Noise Operation 64db, 15 Metre Cable, 10 Litre Bag Capacity, Metal Body with revised fan unit positioning to increase capacity, Anti Static Protection, Multistage Filtration (6 stages), Rubber Wheels & Body Bumper, Over 19 Meter Operating Radius.
 Electrolux - ZEV1 
Electrolux - ZEV1-tn ZEV1 Complete Cleaning System - 1000 Watt Flow Through Motor with Termal Overload Protection, Low Noise - 72db, 3 Stage Filtration, 99.16% Filtration @ 0.3 Micron, Optional Paper Bags, 18 Metre Orange Safety Cord, Breathable, Ergonomic Harness with Double Hook Frame & Double Feet, Patented Double Loop cord Restraint, Low Weight 4.8kg, Low Densit Gasket Mounting, Maintenance reminder labelling.  Launceston
 Electrolux Boss Upright Rechargable 
Electrolux Boss Upright Rechargable-tn Z570A - Bagless with easy empty dust capsule, Rechargable, 14.4 volts, Clear bin container, Motorised brush roll with off switch for hard floors, Height adjustable handle, lowers for easy storage, Ergonomic looped handle, Cleans a standard 3 bedroom home on 1 charge.
 Electrolux Spirit 6000 Dry Rechargable & Wet & Dry Rechargeable 
Electrolux Spirit 6000 Dry Rechargable & Wet & Dry Rechargeable-tn Spirit 6000 features - 8-10 minutes running time, 7.2 volts-6 cells, Washable filter, Integrated crvice nozzle for difficult to reach places, Wall mounted/benchtop charging base, Furniture brush stored in the charge stand.
 Electrolux Ultra Silencer Deluxe & Ultra Silencer 
Electrolux Ultra Silencer Deluxe & Ultra Silencer-tn The quiet Vacuum!!!! - Ultra Silencer Deluxe features - 1800w max power, Just 71 db(A) sound, Variable power control, Telescopic rod, O2 HEPA washable H12 filter, S-bag™ long performance dustbag, Bag full indicator, Cayenne Red colour, Easy clean duster kit included, Hard floor nozzle included.
 Ergorapido™ 2 in 1 
Ergorapido™  2 in 1-tn The Ergorapido™ 2 in 1 gives you the convenience of a powerful mini upright vacuum and a handheld - all in one. It's compact 'grab and go' instant cleaning that's easy and fast to use - when you need it!  Launceston
 Hollandia 2000 Watts 
Hollandia 2000 Watts-tn On board Accessories, Electronic suction, Telescopic rods, Crush proof Hose, 3 Year warranty, Microfiltration 6 Lt Dust bag, Powerhead available. SUCTION YOU WONT BELIEVE.
 Hollandia Supreme 2000 Watts 
Hollandia Supreme 2000 Watts-tn On board Accessories, Electronic suction, Telescopic rods, Crush proof Hose, 3 Year warranty, Microfiltration 6 Lt Dust bag, Powerhead available. SUCTION YOU WONT BELIEVE.
Jani-King is the world's leading commercial cleaning franchise. This claim is based on the independent assessments of Entrepreneur Magazine over the last ten years. Jani-King is represented in sixteen countries around the world, with Australia/New Zealand being the largest region outside the USA. Today, Jani-King has more than 8,000 franchise owners and 25,000 clients around the world. Jani-King's Australasian operations were founded in Perth, Western Australia, during February 1993 and now covers all of the states of Australia, the Northern Territory, Auckland and Christchurch in New Zealand, with more than 800 franchisees servicing 3000 clients.  Moonah
 Launceston Sandblasting 
Launceston Sandblasting, specializing in sand blasting and protective coating we can turn your item back to new, cars, boats trucks, machinery we do it all.  St Leonards
 Lux Economy Pak Vacuum Cleaner Bags  $21.50
Lux Economy Pak Vacuum Cleaner Bags-tn Suitable for Lux Cleaner Model D746
 Menalux® T112 Vacuum Cleaner Bags  $10.90
Menalux® T112 Vacuum Cleaner Bags-tn To fit • Volta - U5005 Ultima, U5006 Mega
 Menalux® T141 Vacuum Cleaner Bags  $13.90
Menalux® T141 Vacuum Cleaner Bags-tn To fit various Electrolux, Progress, Tornado & Volta.
 Menalux® T16B Vacuum Cleaner Bags  $8.90
Menalux® T16B Vacuum Cleaner Bags-tn To fit • Hoover - various • Home Jet - General Electric - VB33- VB41
 Menalux® T172 Vacuum Cleaner Bags  $11.90
Menalux® T172 Vacuum Cleaner Bags-tn To fit • Goldstar - V3300D - V3310D - T2700 - 2900 • Holland Electro - Sweefty
 Menalux® T204 Vacuum Cleaner Bags  $13.90
Menalux® T204 Vacuum Cleaner Bags-tn To fit • Electrolux - Ingenio Compact - Z 2500 series, Modern Day MD2430.
 Menalux® T32 Vacuum Cleaner Bags  $15.90
Menalux® T32 Vacuum Cleaner Bags-tn To fit • Phillips - Various
 Menalux® T52F Vacuum Cleaner Bags  $12.90
Menalux® T52F Vacuum Cleaner Bags-tn To fit various AEG and Singer.
 Oxy3System Deluxe Z06350 
Oxy3System Deluxe Z06350-tn Good news for your lungs. The new oxy3system is more than just a vacuum cleaner; it is a complete system for maximizing dust pick-up and eliminating potentially harmful dust leakage. If allergies, asthma or health are on your mind, our new top of the line oxy3system would be a worthwhile investment.
 Oxy3system Z06330 
Oxy3system Z06330-tn Thanks to a unique sealed-system technology, the Oxy3system ensures that all air circulating through the system is filtered prior to exiting.This means zero dust leakage - from the nozzle, hose, tube, joints, body and exhaust area. All to make your home a healthier place.  Launceston
 Pullman - AS 10 
Pullman - AS 10-tn Compact wet and dry vacuum cleaner, Quiet and highly versatile, strong plastic high impact-resistant tank, efficient and economical, ideal for all applications including shops, offices, cafes and hotels.  Launceston
 Pullman - AS 3 
Pullman - AS 3-tn Ideal for shops, restaurants, clubs and hotels. Tough, heavy duty construction. Compact, lightweight and easy-to use. Four robust castors for easy manoeuvring. No messy paper bags required. Dual action head - ideal for carpet and hard floors. Power brush outlet.
 Pullman - AS 400 
Pullman - AS 400-tn Wet and dry vacuum cleaner, powerful and effiecient, strong plastic high impact-resitant tank, lightwight and economical, ideal for hotels, motels, hopitals and restaurants.  Launceston
 Pullman - AS 5 
Pullman - AS 5-tn Dry area lightweight canister, shock resistant ABS material, sturdy and highly manoeuvrable, powerhead option allows most efficient level of cleaning, ideal for small confined areas such as offices and shops  Launceston
 Super Combi Stick/Hand Held Rechargeable 
Super Combi Stick/Hand Held Rechargeable-tn ZB257X - Mini upright cleaner and detachable handheld. 25 Minutes running time, 6 volt battery, motorised brush roll, wall mounted charging base, washable filter, telescopic handle, crevice nozzle accessory.  Launceston
Twinclean-tn Twinclean is the world's first cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner that helps you clean its own hepa filter. All vacuum cleaners need clean filters to perform at their best. Only Twinclean helps you clean its own main filter as needed, so there is less mess and fewer hassles for you. Regardless of the Twinclean you choose, they all come with an exhaust filter that simply rinses clean so there's never any need to buy replacements.  Launceston
 Unifit Vacuum Cleaner Bags 
Unifit Vacuum Cleaner Bags-tn To fit various.
 Volta Centravac 
Volta Centravac-tn Volta Centravac have a range of machines to suit all situations. Don't just buy a ducted vacuum sytem for your home. Make sure you have the right size machine.  Launceston