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 A & G Constructions 
Our business has a commitment to give good service and customer satisfaction. We provide windows and doors made to measure and work with the customer to provide the perfect window or door to ensure the value of their home is maximized. A & G Constructions offers domestic and commercial products to suit most building applications with good weather ratings. We Offer: • Over 25 years experience in window and door manufacture and installation. • A commitment to good customer service and value for money. • Wide colour range with 7 year warranty. • Wide range of glass options. • Custom made products to suit your needs. A & G Constructions Commercial Windows and Doors operates from 32 Jennifer Avenue, Ridgehaven, South Australia.  Ridgehaven
 Abetta Hire 
We are Australian owned and we have been supplying the building trade in Melbourne for 35 years. • Portable Toilet Hire • Temporary Fence Hire • Power Pole Hire • Rubbish Cage Hire • Siltbag Hire • Party Hire - ie Portable Toilets  Melbourne
 Adraps Pty Ltd, trading as Tool Trends 
Suppliers of quality masonry hand tools, cement & acrylic renders, coloured cement toppings & sealers, diamond blades, tile adhesives, air & gas guns & fasteners, cement mixers & parts, wheelbarrows, power tools + a lot more.  Derwent Park
 Aluminium loading ramps 3ton capcity   4hr = $60 24hr = $80 
Aluminium loading ramps 3ton capcity-tn EX105
 Animal trap - possum, cat   24hr $25 
Animal trap - possum, cat-tn
 Apollo Marble & Granite 
In Tasmania, Apollo Marble & Granite has one of the most extensive and stunning ranges of quality marbles and granites and Travertines. They are available in a wide range of colours and styles to compliment almost any interior. The versatility, long life and easy maintenance of these natural stones allows unlimited use in design construction and decor, and are being used more widely throughout the home.  Hobart
 Auger Drive, suit skid steer/bobcat Digga PD3   4hrs $90 24hrs $120 
Balustrade-tn Stainless rails made to design inside & out.
 Bankstown Sports 
Bankstown Sports-tn •Enhance Appearance - Whether it's a contemporary look or a uniform design, there are a variety of window tinting products that can aesthetically complement the appearance of a home or office building.
Bar-tn Stainless Steel bar with drip trays, ice, bottle wells & sinks.
Bar-tn Stainless Steel bar with drip trays, ice, bottle wells & sinks.
 Bar 3 
Bar 3-tn Stainless Steel bar with drip trays, ice, bottle wells & sinks.
 Barrier - Road Black/Yellow 2.4m   24hr = $22 
Barrier - Road Black/Yellow 2.4m-tn S112
 Barrier mesh 1m x 50m   24hr = $15 
Barrier mesh 1m x 50m-tn S111
 Better Pay 
Better Pay-tn Better Pay
 Box trailer 2mx3.8m bed dual axle 3.4t gvm mesh cage)   4hr = 110 24hr = $140 
 Box trailer 7x4 (2.1x1.2) 750kg gvm (inc mesh cage)   4hr = $60 24hr = $80 
 Brushcutter petrol FS350   4hr = $70 24hr = $90 
Brushcutter petrol FS350-tn F101
 Bull float   4hr = $20 24hr = $25 
Bull float-tn C100
 Car trailer 1.9mx3.8m bed 3t electric brakes   4hr = $110 24hr = $140 
 Carport, Verandah, & Fence built by Perry Bird Pickets. 
Carport, Verandah, & Fence built by Perry Bird Pickets.-tn
Carports-tn Protect and keep your car cool from the suns rays with an attractive carport. Available from Launceston, Hobart & Burnie Tasmania
 Cast Iron Verandah, & Cast Iron fence set upon a bluestone base built by Perry Bird Pickets. 
Cast Iron Verandah, & Cast Iron fence set upon a bluestone base built by Perry Bird Pickets.-tn
 Cast Iron Verandah, & Cast Iron fence set upon a concrete base built by Perry Bird Pickets. 
Cast Iron Verandah, & Cast Iron fence set upon a concrete base built by Perry Bird Pickets.-tn
 Caswell's Upholstery 
Caswells Upholstery is a family Business. It was established in 1967. With over 50 years experience between them they understand and know what is required to restore and refurbish your furniture.  Hobart
 Cement mixer - electric � 2.3cft   4hr = $60 24hr = $80 
Cement mixer - electric � 2.3cft-tn C101
 Chainsaw chaps   4hr = $25 24hr = $30 
Chainsaw chaps-tn S104
 Chair - plastic   24hr = $3 
Chair - plastic-tn O101
 Code: FW11 - Cedar Arch 
Code: FW11 - Cedar Arch-tn
 Code: FW11A - Arch 1200 wide 
Code: FW11A -  Arch 1200 wide-tn (with dental work)
 Code: FW11B - Arch 1200 wide 
Code: FW11B -  Arch 1200 wide-tn
 Code: FW12 - Cedar Arch 
Code: FW12 - Cedar Arch-tn
 Code: FW13 - Cedar Arch 
Code: FW13 - Cedar Arch-tn (brackets not included)
 Code: FW14 - Cedar Arch 1200 wide 
Code: FW14 - Cedar Arch 1200 wide-tn
 Code: FW15 - Internal Arch 1200 wide 
Code: FW15 - Internal Arch 1200 wide-tn
 Code: FW16 - Arch 1200 wide. 
Code: FW16 - Arch 1200 wide.-tn
 Code: FW17 - Arch Cedar 980 wide 
Code: FW17 - Arch Cedar 980 wide-tn
 Code: FW2 Cedar Fretwork 
Code: FW2 Cedar Fretwork-tn
 Code: FW3 Cedar Fretwork 
Code: FW3 Cedar Fretwork-tn
 Code: FW5 Cedar Fretwork 
Code: FW5 Cedar Fretwork-tn
 Code: FW6 Cedar Fretwork 
Code: FW6 Cedar Fretwork-tn
Colorbond-tn COLORBOND&reg steel is the ideal choice for sheds and garages around the home, farm or business.
 Concrete floor grinder/polisher/edger Richmond - 200mm diamond disc + blade wear charge @ $55/mm   4hr = $180 24hr = $240 
Concrete floor grinder/polisher/edger Richmond - 200mm diamond disc + blade wear charge @ $55/mm-tn C112
 Considerations For Precast Pricing 
In many cases, budgetary m2 rates utilised for one project may not apply in other applications. For this reason, potential clients should request lump sum quotations, where Precast Tasmania has given careful consideration to the following:
 Core bit - 115mm x 450mm   4hr = $60 24hr = $85 
 Core bit - 44mm x 450mm   4hr = $25 24hr = $35 
 Core bit - 52mm x 450mm   4hr = $45 24hr = $55 
 Core bit - 84mm x 450mm   4hr = $45 24hr = $65 
 Corer - 240V   4hr - $90 + core bit 24hr - $120 + core bit 
Corer - 240V-tn Concrete corer - 240v - cpacity to 150mm dia.
 Corer - Stihl 2 str   4hr - $90 + core bit 24hr - $120 + core bit 
Corer - Stihl 2 str-tn Stihl BT45 2st corer - to 150mm dia
 Cricket Bats 
Cricket Bats-tn Code: CB400 cricket bat.... Code: CBS small square pyramid
 Cup head grinder� dia. cup suit 9in angle grinder   4hr = $25 24hr = $30 
 Cyclad Buildings 
All Cyclad Buildings can be designed for Garages, Work Shops, Machinery Sheds, Hay Sheds, Shearing Sheds, Industrial Buildings, Warehouses, Barns, and Calving Sheds etc. Cyclad Buildings is a Tasmanian owned company-employing Tasmanians.  Newstead
 Diamond blade 230mm(9”) continuous   4hr = $20 24hr = $25 
 Diamond blade wear per mm Quickcut, Bricksaw, rd saw   24hr = $80 
 Diesel Spitfire DC25   4hr - $60 24hr - $80 
Diesel Spitfire DC25-tn
 Direen Homes 
Direen Homes is a family business with over 20 years experience in building and construction. We are committed to quality and excellence in building standards, providing the highest possible product within design guidelines and offer superior craftmanship in all aspects of the construction process.  Derwent Park
 Ear muffs   4hr = $5 24hr = $7 
Ear muffs-tn S100
 Eave Brackets 
Eave Brackets-tn Pictured below are various decorations to be used beneath the eave line.
 Electric Eel drain cleaner inc tips & cable(20m)   4hr = 90 24hr = $120 
Electric Eel drain cleaner inc tips & cable(20m)-tn Z106
 Eltrak Sliding Door Systems 
Eltrak Sliding Door Systems-tn ELTRAK DOOR TRACK Custom rolled to your own length requirements from premium pre galvanised steel and available in sizes to suit any installation from domestic garages to heavy industrial buildings. Remember to specify both number required and rolled length. Generally the length of track required is approximately twice the width of the door opening.
 Endless chain   4hr = $25 24hr = $30 
Equine-tn Ranbuild Tasmania Equine Brochure
 Extension ladder - 10m alumin   4hr = $45 24hr = $60 
 F1 Motif 
F1 Motif-tn Size:100x25 / Timber:Cedar
 F12 Motif 
F12 Motif-tn Size:100x25 / Timber:Cedar
 F14, F15, F16 
F14, F15, F16-tn
 F19, F20, F21 
F19, F20, F21-tn
 F4, F5, F6 
F4, F5, F6-tn
 F7, F8, F8a 
F7, F8, F8a-tn
 F9, F10, F11 
F9, F10, F11-tn
 Face shield   4hr = $7 24hr = $10 
Face shield-tn S101
 Facility & Capability 
Facility & Capability-tn Precast Tasmania premises are located on around 20,000m2 of land, with a factory floor area of approximately 1500m2, where all products are manufactured undercover in a controlled environment. Precast Tasmania has identified areas that in the past have restricted the efficiency of precast concrete manufacturing.
 Features & Options 
 Fence & Verandah built by Perry Bird Pickets. 
Fence & Verandah built by Perry Bird Pickets.-tn
 Fire extinguisher - 10kg powder   4hr = $20 24hr = $25 
 Fire extinguisher - Flame Out 500g powder   4hr = $10 24hr = $10 
 Fire Pump - 6hp   4hr - $60 24hr - $80 
Fire Pump - 6hp-tn
 Flex Drive Motor - pet   4hr = $45 24hr = $60 
Flex Drive Motor  - pet-tn P102
 Flex Drive Motor – 4stroke / 240 V   4hr = $35 24hr = $45 
Flex Drive Motor – 4stroke /  240 V-tn C104
 Floor edger-Hiretech HT7 - disc 170mm dia   4hr = $40 24hr = $55 
Floor edger-Hiretech HT7 - disc  170mm dia-tn E105
 Floor finisher � Hiretech HTF-2 orbital sander   4hr = $70 24hr = $90 
Floor finisher � Hiretech HTF-2 orbital sander-tn E108
 Floor sander- Hiretech HT8-200mm Drum   4hr = $70 24hr = $90 
Floor sander- Hiretech HT8-200mm Drum-tn E100
 Gas Tile Radient Heater (ex gas)   24hr - $70 
Gas Tile Radient Heater (ex gas)-tn
Gates-tn Custom made gates.
 Generator - 3.2kva   4hr - $60 24hr - $80 
Generator - 3.2kva-tn
 Generator - R1700 Silent Inverter 1.65 kva   4hr = $55 24hr = $75 
Generator - R1700 Silent Inverter 1.65 kva-tn W105
 Generator / Welder 7kva   4hr - $110 24hr - 140 
Generator / Welder 7kva-tn
 Genuine Joinery Pty Ltd 
Genuine Joinery is a small business that prides itself on quality, careful selection of staff and suppliers. Coupled with attention to detail ensure that regardless of your joinery needs the standard of workmanship and service is excellent.
Graffitigard-tn Solar Gard's graffiti protective film is a durable, optically clear and removable product that acts as a sacrificial barrier between vandals and the surfaces they cover, including interior and exterior glass windows and mirrors, as well as other non-porous surfaces like stainless steel and marble. The unnoticeable film protects surfaces from paint, key scratches, marking and even acid-etching. When vandalized, the film is easily removed and replaced for clean-up, reducing property damage and maintaining aesthetics.
 Grubb Engineering 
Mig and Tig welding specialising in aluminium, stainless steel, cast and bronze. General welding is also available. Spraying facilities for metal and ceramics. Hydraulic test facilities on and off site with qualified tradesman to complete all fit ups and systems work. Workshop facilities for general engineering, fabrication, machining. Truck trays, toolboxes, stainless steel fabrication, general transport repairs, waste transfer equipment.  Glenorchy
 Helmet - builder   4hr = $6 24hr = $10 
Helmet - builder-tn S102
 Helmet - chainsaw   4hr = $12 24hr = $15 
Helmet - chainsaw-tn S103
 Hydraulic pipe bender -15,20,25,32,40,50mm   4hr = $45 24hr = $60 
Hydraulic pipe bender -15,20,25,32,40,50mm-tn Z107
 Indoor Cricket Centres 
Indoor Cricket Centres-tn Northern Indoor Cricket
Industrial-tn UB Columns And Rafters
 Jack - bottle 20t   4hr = $25 24hr = $30 
Jack - bottle 20t-tn G103
 Jetfire 33 gas heater (ex gas)   4hr = $60 24hr = $80 
Jetfire 33 gas heater (ex gas)-tn H100
Koppers-tn UB Columns and SHS Webbed Trusses
Koppers-tn UB Columns and SHS Webbed Trusses
 L36 Spandrel 
L36 Spandrel-tn
 Ladder - A frame 2.4m   4hr = $40 24hr = $55 
Ladder - A frame 2.4m-tn L102
 Ladder - A-frame 3.3m 12 ft - Aluminium   4hr = $40 24hr = $55 
Ladder - A-frame 3.3m 12 ft - Aluminium-tn L105
LAND & SHED PACKAGES-tn Cyclad Buildings can offer shed & land packages at Waverley & Rocherlea in Launceston
 Larnec PA Doors Tasmania  $390.00
Larnec PA Doors Tasmania-tn Sentry 650 has been designed as an access door for garages and sheds. Ease of installation has been considered for this quality pre-hung door system, which can be fastened either by face fixing or concealed fixing. The door can be used as either a left or right hand door, and has a doorstop on all sides which also helps to withstand most weather conditions.
 Lawn Corer   4hr - $110 24hr - $140 
Lawn Corer-tn Red Roo lawn corer - PL815 self propelled
 Lawn edger Atom pro   4hr = $45 24hr = $60 
Lawn edger Atom pro-tn F111
 N102   4hr = $90 24hr = $110 
Mower Trailer - 1.8t gvm, 2.050m wide x 3.5w. elect brake
 Office Partitions 
Office Partitions-tn Glass is one of the most versatile materials within the commercial building industry today. As a cladding, glass is waterproof, light and easy to install. As office partitioning, glass provides effective semi-permanent walling. Glass is also the perfect substrate for decorative film. In modern arcitecture, glass has become a blank canvas for designers to create stunning walls of colour and texture, vary levels of privacy and allow filtered light to interiors. Customise your offices with an original theme that suits your business. You are only limited by your imagination.
 Older Style Toilet 
Older Style Toilet-tn <b>Budget Toilet Hire</b>
 Orbiter Floor Sander/Cleaner/Finisher (no attachment)   4hrs = $70 24hrs = $90 
Orbiter Floor Sander/Cleaner/Finisher (no attachment)-tn E120
 Orbiter Hard Floor Pad   $8.80 
 Orbiter Scrub Brush attachment   $12 
 Oxy/acetylene/LPG heating/cutting/welding set (ex gas)   4hr = $60 24hr = $80 
 Painters planks - 5m aluminium   4hr = $25 24hr = $30 
 Pallet Jack - hand   4hr = $45 24hr = $60 
Pallet Jack - hand-tn Z111
 Pantech Removalist Truck 22 cu/mt (car licence )   24hrs=$290 
Pantech Removalist Truck 22 cu/mt (car licence )-tn Hydraulic tailgate loader, trolley, blankets, straps
 Patio/Mushroom Heater - LPG(ex gas)   24hr - $70 
Patio/Mushroom Heater - LPG(ex gas)-tn
 Plank - Aluminium x 4m   4hrs = $20 24hrs = $25 
Plank - Aluminium x 4m-tn L110
 Plank - Aluminium x 5m   4hrs = $25 24hrs = $30 
 Plant Trailer - 4.5T gvm - Electric Brakes - 1.8 x 3.7m bed   4hrs = $120 24hrs = $180 
 Plate compactor   4hr = $70 24hr = $90 
Plate compactor-tn M100
 Pole Pruner - Stihl   4hr - $90 24hr - $120 
Pole Pruner - Stihl-tn Stihl HT131 pole pruner
 Portable toilet   Week=$90 over 8 wks = $6.60/day 
Portable toilet-tn T100 Not including cleaning/pumpout
 Portable toilet (disabled)   Week = $290 
Portable toilet  (disabled)-tn T103 Includes cleaning/pumpout
 Portable toilet mounted on trailer inc. pumpout   Weekend = $240 
Portable toilet mounted on trailer inc. pumpout-tn T101 Includes pumpout and clean
 Post drill Stihl BT45 (auger not inc.)   4hr = $60 24hr = $80 
Post drill Stihl BT45 (auger not inc.)-tn F123
 Private Toilet Service 
Private Toilet Service-tn <b>Pump Out & Clean</b>
Precast Tasmania has the ability to produce a diverse range of precast panels and associated products. Panels range in size, form, finish and material, whether they are required for industrial, commercial or residential applications.
 Pump - Sub 240v 2in 9m hd 7200l/hr inc.10m del hose   4hr = $60 24hr = $80 
Pump - Sub 240v 2in 9m hd 7200l/hr inc.10m  del hose-tn P113
 Pump - Sub. 240v 1.25in 140lt/min (20m del hose)   4hr = $45 24hr = $60 
 PVC tarp - 6 x 9m (680gsm)   Day = $70 Week = $210 
Rails1-tn Stainless rails made to design inside & out.
Rails2-tn Stainless rails made to design inside & out.
Rails3-tn Stainless rails made to design inside & out.
Ranbuild is the market leader in the prefabricated steel building industry.
 Ranbuild Commercial Brochure 
Ranbuild Commercial Brochure-tn Ranbuild Tasmania Commercial Brochure
 Ranbuild Domestic Brochure 
Ranbuild Domestic Brochure-tn Ranbuild Tasmania Domestic Brochure
 Ranbuild Rural Brochure 
Ranbuild Rural Brochure-tn Ranbuild Tasmania Rural Brochure
 Road Roller - Double Drum Vibrating, 2.5T Bitelli DTV325   4hrs $260 24hrs $320 
Road Roller - Double Drum Vibrating, 2.5T Bitelli DTV325-tn M103
 Roller Doors 
Roller Doors-tn Roller Doors
 Rotary Hoe - Red Roo   4hr - $120 24hr - $160 
Rotary Hoe - Red Roo-tn Red Roo hydraulic rotary hoe
 Sanding sheets and discs   $6.60ea 
Vac bag - $6.60ea
 Saw - Concrete TS800 Stihl Quickcut 16� ( + blade wear )   4hr = $110 24hr = $140 
Saw  - Concrete TS800 Stihl Quickcut 16� ( + blade wear )-tn C106
 Scaffold tower extension to 5m, (requires ticket)   4hr = $30 24hr = $40 
 Scaffold tower- aluminium, wheeled 1.2 x 2.4 x 3.5m   4hr = $70 24hr = $90 
 Screed 3m - 4m   4hr = $25 24hr = $30 
 Self Storage Sheds 
Self Storage Sheds-tn Storage sheds can be built to clients specifications.
 Sewer Connect 
Sewer Connect-tn <b>Sewer Connect Toilet Hire</b>
Shopfronts-tn Increase your exposure with a wall of advertising. Communication is important to every organisation. Despite earlier expectations for the paper-less business, print-based communication is now more important than ever. In such an environment, signage needs to stand out and make a statement just to cut through the clutter. From simple directional signage to complete corporate branding, it must have an impact. ABC Glass Tinting Specialists have a growing reputation in the signage industry with creative solutions to basic and complex communication requirements.
 Skillion Range 
Skillion Range-tn
 SM1, SM2, SM3 
SM1, SM2, SM3-tn
 SM10, SM11, SM12 
SM10, SM11, SM12-tn
 SM4, SM5, SM6 
SM4, SM5, SM6-tn
 SM7, SM8, SM9 
SM7, SM8, SM9-tn
 Stainless Steel Rails 
Stainless Steel Rails-tn Stainless steel rail with wire rigging infill.
 Stair Trolley   4hr = $30 24hr = $40 
Stair Trolley-tn Z100
 Stairwell Privacy 
Stairwell Privacy-tn
 Standard Toilet 
Standard Toilet-tn <b>Standard Toilet Hire</b>
 Star Post Driver - Honda petrol powered   4hr = $90 24hr = $110 
Star Post Driver - Honda petrol powered-tn
 Star Post Lifter   4hr = $20 24hr = $25 
 Stihl BT121 1xman post hole digger 150mm x 800deep   4hr = $70 24hr = $90 
Stihl BT121 1xman post hole digger 150mm x 800deep-tn PH100
 Stump Grinder   4hr - $120 24hr - $180 
Stump Grinder-tn Red Roo SG350 stump grinder 16hp
Table-tn Custom made legs & frames for under tables, benches, shelves etc
 Table - folding 1.8 x 0.8m   24hr = $12 
Table - folding  1.8 x 0.8m-tn O100
 Takeushi TB216 1.7t with alloy trailer   4hr=$320 24hr=$390 
Takeushi TB216 1.7t with alloy trailer-tn
 Tamping Trench Rammer - Elephants Foot   4hr = $90 24hr = $120 
Tamping Trench Rammer - Elephants Foot-tn M101
Tasweld was established in March 1987 to service the Tasmanian market with welding equipment & consumables, safety products, abrasives and, industrial & hospitality gases. Tasweld's range of products now includes power tools, work wear and other related items.
 Temporary Power Pole Hire 
<b>Temporary Power Pole Hire</b>
 Tie down straps   4hr = $6 4hr = $6 
Tie down straps-tn S109
 Tipper - car licence   4hr - $220 24hr - $290 
Tipper - car licence-tn Isuzu NPR tipper - 4.5t gvm car licence 2t load
 Tom Moore & Son Display Centre Launceston 
Tom Moore & Son Display Centre Launceston-tn Tom Moore & Son Display Centre Launceston
 Toro Loader - 150/200/300/450mm auger   4hr = $290 24hr = $390 
Toro Loader - 150/200/300/450mm auger-tn
 Toro trencher 25hp dies tracks - 150mm w x 600mm deep   4hr = $290 24hr = $390 
Toro trencher 25hp dies tracks - 150mm w x 600mm deep-tn TO100
 Trestle - Painters Aluminium 3m/10ft Adjustable Legs   4hrs = $25 24hrs = $30 
Trestle - Painters Aluminium 3m/10ft Adjustable Legs-tn L106
 Troweller � petrol powered   4hr = $90 24hr = $120 
Troweller � petrol powered-tn C108
 Ultra Modern Toilet 
Ultra Modern Toilet-tn <b>Premium Toilet Hire</b>
Urinals-tn Custom made to order as per pictures, We build standard urinals.
 Various Office Partition Prints 
Various Office Partition Prints-tn Bring your images to life creating visual glass and wall graphics. Windows have evolved. Glass is the new medium for artists and designers to realise their imaginative vision. What was once only a dream is now possible. The reality of digital printing has enabled virtually any concept to become practicable, affordable and remarkable. Every day we successfully respond to challenges set by imaginative designers, artists and marketers, with professional service, high quality production and superior installation. We welcome their interest and encourage designers to think outside the square. We are proud to present our new range of digital printing with the latest in digital print technology, enabling you to create fantastic full colour graphics of any size for glass panels and partitioning.
 Verandah with L43 cast iron lace 
Verandah with L43 cast iron lace-tn
 Vibrating needle - flex drive 38mm / 57mm   4hr = $60 24hr = $75 
Vibrating needle - flex drive 38mm / 57mm-tn C109
 Vibrator needle � Portavibe 4st pet   4hr = $70 24hr = $90 
Vibrator needle � Portavibe  4st pet-tn C110
 W D Bryan Joiner Pty Ltd 
We Specialise in Quality Joinery, Stairs. Windows, Renovations, and all General Joinery guaranteeing our workmanship.
 Welder - Inverter   4hr - $60 24hr - $80 
Welder - Inverter-tn Italco 200 inverter welder
 Windows  $220.00
Windows-tn Face fixed windows.
 Wire Spinner   4hr = $25 24hr = $35 
 Wire Strainers - Waratah   4hr = $20 24hr = $25 
 Yass Valley Hire 
Yass Valley Hire thanks you for visiting the Yass Valley Hire web page and this is a summary of all that we do: Supply: • Fencing Tools : Hire Tools • Wire : Temporary fencing Commercial Installation: • Wire : Temporary fencing Domestic Installation: • Wire : Temporary fencing  Yass